Health and Safety Notice

The Black Hills Central Railroad—1880 Train is a Federally regulated railroad and is therefore subject to the same transportation regulations as airplanes and airports. Currently TSA regulations regarding health and safety requirements are found here:

Selecting your seats

We will be operating at 100% capacity for the Holiday Express season. Wintertime trains frequently sell out, so expect a full train. All seats are assigned at the time of purchase—advice on seat selection can be found on the Seating Options page or by calling our reservation number 605-574-2222. Additional advice:

  • Compact Seating Groups: Please select seats in a compact group and avoid selecting a single seat in multiple rows (e.g., do not select five window seats in five different rows). We reserve the right to adjust your seat selection if your reservation is unreasonably spread throughout the train.
  • Booth Seating: Any four seats on the same side of the train can be turned into a booth where a group of 3 or 4 passengers can sit facing each other. This is perfect for young families enjoying the Holiday Express. Select seats denoted by a * are permanently fixed in the booth configuration. Do not choose these seats unless your party can fill the entire booth.
  • Extra Seats: Seats are two per bench, much like a bus seat. Parties with an odd number of passengers (3, 5, 7, etc.) may wish to purchase the remaining bench seat in order to ensure no other person is seated on the same bench as their group.

What we ask of our passengers:

  • If you are sick, experiencing symptoms, or have been around those who are sick, please do not visit or travel away from home.
  • Practice good hygiene by frequent washing your hands and covering your nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing.
  • Be respectful of other passengers who have traveled from various parts of the country to experience the hospitality and beauty of South Dakota. Unruly or abusive guests will be asked to leave the property


Please speak to one of our staff members before departure if you are uncomfortable with your seats and we will do our best to accommodate you, however, Holiday Express trains are extremely popular and are routinely sold out. As always, our Conductors and Brakemen are present on the train for your safety and are easily distinguishable by their black hats and uniform items—immediately bring safety concerns to their attention as they walk the train and they will accommodate your needs as best as they can once your ride is underway.

Please direct further questions on these policies to our reservations staff by email: or by phone: 605-574-2222.